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February 28, 2010



You're right of course. But other people's opinions are so irritating!


I worry about the same thing -- both sides marinating in their opinions so long that any sort of understanding, or even compromise, becomes ever more unlikely.

And I share your incomprehension regarding what is so bad about universal health care. Almost everyone in Germany (including me) is insured through state-sponsored health care, and the standard of care is high. And no red tape! (At least not for the patients.) Seriously, the few times I was treated in the States were a bureaucratic nightmare, so I wonder why anyone is attached to that system...


What an interesting point of view, thank you. I completely agree, of course, but then we have pre-selected each other. To be honest, I think to the whole world other than america, everyone is a bit bemused about why universal healthcare is seen to be a bad thing. perhaps I have to go and read Elena's blog to find out?



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