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September 18, 2007



Oh, man, I don't know what you should do. Arranging childcare is so fraught. I personally would probably go with the Montessori school. The whole making-your-own food thing kind of sucks, though. (At the in-home day care we use they provide the food and we provide the diapers.)

But the environment sounds better at the Montessori. But then the other place sounds more stable. Um. Maybe you can talk to some of the other parents at the Montessori school? To me the biggest downside of the corporate place is that the teachers don't sound as good. Who cares about behavior? Goodness, I never ask about that. I want to know what she did, who she played with, did she eat well, etc. She doesn't sound interested in him as an individual.

This stuff is so hard to sort out. I'm not sure. But definitely the two boys should be at the same place. And why can't you go nurse at the Montessori? Too far away?

As far as doing the extra things, you will get into a rhythm. And things will get easier. But yeah, the food thing kind of sucks.


Well um, 11 minutes away is really really close in my mind, but traffic is a horrendous nightmare here so I guess I have to keep it in perspective.

Anyway, it seems like you can switch pretty easy around there. So why not try it? And if it turns out it doesn't work, then it just doesn't work.

The diapers are easy enough, just bring a full box once a week, and bring another giant box when it's empty. The lunch and snacks are a pain, but again, once you get into the routine it will be okay. It's getting it set up so you can do it quickly that is a problem.


If the Montessori is really a non-profit, then it isn't owned by anyone...so there aren't "absentee owners". And if it is a non-profit, its books are open to the public and there's ways of checking on it's history and finances (without asking them). Email me if you want guidance on that.

Assuming the Montessori is a going concern, I'd go with that. The lunch/snack is a pain, the diapers aren't so much (they'll remind you, you just bring another big pack in). Because overall, what I hear from you is that the vibe there is better - and you should go with that.


I have both my children in a Montessori program. my 4 year old has been going for 2 years and is THRIVING! My 16 month old just started and is happy and engaged. Hands down...Montessori seems to be the way to go. Some things are worth the commute. The issue of packing a lunch....at least you know what they are eating and being served. Our Montessori actaully requires "cloth diapers", so you bring in a supply of 5-10 diapers and they launder them at the school. Try MOntessori, I don't think you will be dissappointed.

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