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August 20, 2007



It's so interesting how the personalities of the nurses make such difference in your birth experience. My big problem was I had my husband with me for the night shift and my mother for the day shift and the nurses were all different so there wasn't any continuity to help me understand what was going on since I was all loopy from the magnesium sulfate.

It's so cute how chipper you were. :)

I can't believe they were so reluctant to let your baby stay with you. My baby was with me the whole time, never once taken away. Well, I didn't see her for about an hour after she was born except for a peak, but other than that. They did take her once to weigh her and stuff, but I went, too.

I had to piece together a fair amount of my experience from pictures and things, too. Like until I saw some pics, I had no idea I had tried to nurse at one point, either.


Nurses really can make a difference can't they?

There is a whole generation of nurses who can't understand the concept of rooming in and seek to undermine it constantly. I met a bunch of them at a conference once, and told them off for keeping babies with them instead of moms. They told me that they went into nursing to take care of newborn babies, and they didn't like taking care of moms so they preferred it that way!

I think they had to change after a while, but never really adapted.

Funny about the menconium excuse. Both my kids had it at birth and never inhaled it, in fact, if your kid HAD inhaled it and spit it up, they would've been doing a heck of a lot more than just watching him for a few hours. (I mean ultrasounds and x-rays would've been mandatory. Menconium in the lungs is no joke.

I think they were lying to you. I'm glad you got the sleep, but still, it's not right for them to lie to you.

I am glad you stood up for yourself and got their attention though. You go Momma!


I had my nurses hijack my baby too. I wish I knew why it happens when it's not medically necessary.

Sounds like you got your way: mommies rule!


Everyone has a nightmare story about the nurses or midwives when they gave birth, it seems. I'm sorry you had a tough time with them - or Jen at least.

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