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May 21, 2007



I'm amazed at your schedule. Don't worry about not reading blogs or commenting. You'll catch up.

There is a difference between having to much to do and too little time to finish it vs. a time management problem. Go easy on yourself. XX


Hey, and reading blogs and commenting isn't exactly a requirement. You've got other things that are required! Like Aurelia said, go easy on yourself.


I hate the way those kinds of comments have lives of their own. It's like bosses need to say SOMETHING bad about you, so they seize on something minor, and before you know it you're attending training seminars and goodness knows what else. Well done for persevering with your 'problem' for the last 10 years!


Time management problem my ass. Aa much as you do you clearly have no such issue.

Blogging shouldn't be homework; do what you enjoy.

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