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February 20, 2007



Oh Jess, please tell them all to go suck a lemon, or alternatively, send them to me and I will tell them to go suck a lemon.

You are pregnant, and deserve, nay are ENTITLED to kindness and decency.

I'm glad some people are being kind to you. Sigh...


It's hard to understanding how draining creating a life can be if you haven't done it, I suppose. I was all crabby and exhausted at 8 months pregnant when my in-laws came to stay with us for a MONTH and no one understood why the burden of houseguests was so much for me.

And you have SO MUCH more going on. I'm pretty impressed you have it together to write about it! I wish people around you were more sympathetic and you didn't have so much to do right now.

Enjoy your massage!


Hope it is a wonderful massage. It's true--think about how much you have on your plate between the move, the job, and a toddler. And now throw pregnant into the mix! Any one of those things could drag down your pace, and you are tackling all of them at once. That, in my definition, is Superwoman :-)

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