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January 11, 2007


Plain Jane Mom

Excellent news!! And another boy, yay! Too bad you're moving away or we could get all our knuckleheads together for a throw-down!

Congratulations, and I truly hope you are able to enjoy this pregnancy. Savor those cankles ;)


I'm so relieved!!! Happy, happy, happy days!
Big huge congratulations. Pop the cork on the champagne, oops, fizzy cider? Anyway, this is wonderful, and I hope you are feeling well.


I'll blow a noisemaker for you. Great news.


Sorry ive been missing, bloglines has been playing up and i thought you hadnt posted in a while :( Caught up with your news thanks to Aurelia.

Fab news Jess, really pleased for you, brings me some glitter of hope for myself :) heres to an uneventuful rest of pregnancy! Cheers!


I say celebrate. When it's time to mourn, there is always time to mourn. It's not as if being sad or reserved now will save you pain later. I know it's easy to say when you're on the sidelines, but enjoy this pregnancy. You worked hard and you earned a cup of seltzer and a slice of cake.

Patti @ Strollerderby

Delurking to say "Hurray!" and congratulations on another boy. I hope you can find peace and joy in the rest of your pregnancy.

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