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November 18, 2006



jess, it does look good. I hope very hard that it stays that way.


It looks fantastic--I know, I know, there are many other factors at play. But more than doubling in 48 hours? That is great news.


Well, I'm going to break out the champagne! Okay, non-alcoholic fizzy cider---but you get the idea. Try to celebrate the good news and stay happy. With those numbers, maybe twins?

Plain Jane Mom

Those numbers look very good. Nice doubling too. I know you're not going to relax, but Congratulations! Are you getting another draw soon?



Best wishes for you! So glad to see the great news that your numbers doubled!

I couldn't sympathize more with the statement that the first trimester FEELS like part of your infertility.

We started ttc at 38 (turned 40 this July) and were ultimately diagnosed with secondary infertility. The treatment rec was IVF because of AMA. We chose instead to try ovulation induction first with injectables (covered by our insurance).

The first cycle was canceled due to high response and a miscommunication about our risk of multiples (not very much at my age). The next cycle, after a little OHSS the first time, they were conservative with doses and we only had one mature follie (lousy odds). In the third and final cycle, I asked them to be as aggressive as was reasonable. Because there we were, staring down the barrel of our original proposition, IVF OOP ... only now I am a *year* older.

I gave up on timely (+)rescue long ago, but miraculously a BFP came through. I am now almost 8 weeks. !! But I am more anxious *now* than I was during all those months of treatment.

I have an US to (hopefully) see the HB on Tuesday. Knowing the odds, I feel at times though that I am just awaiting the execution of my hopes. I am still up on that high wire, trapped in the act. A continuation of suspense with even higher investment.

I am profoundly grateful for our good fortune, but there isn't any release in it. Which feels perverse, since I persued it with all my might, only to find myself wondering if (or when) I will be able to enjoy the very condition that I fought so hard for.


Seems to be ok so far, now you just have to sit back and wait and watch, courage :)


That's just great - congrats!

Thanks so much for the kind email you sent me.

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