One-Line Bio

My name is Jessica and I'm one half of an infertile couple who eventually conceived two healthy sons through IVF, and I'm also a full time trade journalist trying to gracefully balance one role with the other.


Why "The High Tech Way"?

Because I met my husband on the Internet in 1993, before most people had ever seen a Web page.

Because my dream of having a baby was thwarted by infertility and we turned to IVF, which is what finally worked. We now have two boys. (and we had two losses -- one early miscarriage and one Trisomy 18 diagnosis at the amnio.)

Because breastfeeding for my number one son didn't work out either, so I ended up exclusively pumping. I did it for 10 long months.

Because I've spent most of my career writing about technology for various trade publications.

Because I'm a gadget chick. Sometimes I try to fight it, but I'm a gadget chick.

It took a long time to get here -- to sitting here on the couch next to my man, to the house in the good school district in the suburbs and the two kids. To relative success in my profession.

And now the question is: what's next?